A Summit City Christmas

Summit City Book 2.5

Holiday’s with friends and family are never dull and Boone’s first Christmas in Summit City is no exception to that yule tide rule. You are cordially invited to join Boone and Wade for a Christmas Eve extravaganza, including many of your other favorites from the Summit City.


Title: A Summit City Christmas: Summit City series
Author: Ethan Day
ISBN#: 978-1-60820-545-3 (ebook) $4.99
Release Date: December 2011
Length: 14,000+ words

5 Stars
This tasty little tidbit is the perfect addition to the Sno Ho series, like unwrapping a gift you didn’t even know you wanted until you realized how much fun you could have playing with it.

Top2Bottom Reviews

My mother was fully painted for war, her make-up perfectly applied, despite having more of it on than any one individual ever should, her dark brown hair piled up on top of her head, teased into a poofy bouffant.

“What are y’all doin’ sitting around half dressed?” she asked, as if we’d all lost our minds. “We’ve got dozens of cookies to get iced. Hop to!”

“Geez-uz woman,” Rocky said, huffing away like she’d forced him to climb the mountain on foot…while carrying her. He was still sporting that same Rick Springfield style hair cut that he’d had since the mid eighties. All the stress of the holidays had never suited him well, conflicting with his free-spirited, laissez-faire nature. “Settle yourself down ‘fore you give yourself an aneurysm.”

Before Wade or I had so much as an instant to respond she’d descended upon us, slapping us both on the ass. “Get up those stairs and for the love of God take a shower. You two smell like a sweaty, dried up come rag that’s been left lyin’ on the floor for a week.”

The twins both burst out laughing

Wade’s entire upper body turned blood red and he laughed, but a little uncomfortably. “Your parents know entirely too much.”

I winked at Wade and turned, opening my arms to my mother. “Come on mumsey, Monkey wants a hug!”

“Boone Daniels, don’t you come anywhere near me, you stink to high heaven!” Dixie squealed.

I continued to advance on her and she turned, beginning to run in the opposite direction.

“I will slap you into next week just to ask you about the weather…so help me, Boone!” Dixie warned, pointing back at me with a long painted red nail.

“Need…mommy love!” I hissed doing my very best Gollum impersonation. “Squeeze the mommy!”

Rocky was now bent over with his hands on his knees, laughing his ass off as Dixie let out a panicked, blood curdling scream just before I took hold of her.

Wade wrapped one of his thick arms around my waist and began pulling me away from her.

“Love the mommy!” I added, arms flailing as Wade dragged me toward the open staircase off the living room.

“Oh, and stop using that creepy voice,” Dixie said, her fears subsiding now that Wade had a solid hold on me. She shook her head at Rocky. “Quit that laughing. It’s your fault that boy has no class whatsoever.”

I was thinking they were each equally guilty for that as I winked at my dad. Wade bent down and tossed me over his shoulder.

“So butch, isn’t he?” I asked, as he easily lifted me up off my feet.

“You could do me a favor and have a few less bags of chips every week,” Wade quipped.

The twins were snickering as Wade began climbing the stairs.

“Shit head,” I mumbled at him. “I don’t recall you complaining any other time about my size.”

“Difficult to lodge a complaint when you have your dick shoved down my throat,” Wade whispered, obviously not wanting my parents to overhear that particular comment.

“We’re gonna go butt fuck each other now!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, waving like a newly crowned Ms. Teen Queen as I hung upside down dangling from Wade’s wide shoulder.

“We are not!” Wade said, slapping me on the ass.

“There’s no time for that,” Dixie said, not the least bit phased.

“Spank me, Daddy!” I said, after yelping from the pinch he gave me. “I’m calling the abuse hotline, you rat bastard.”

“Ha!” Wade spat out, obviously unimpressed. “Serves you right…incessant trouble maker.”

“Such a hypocrite.” I sighed. “You don’t mind doing it, just talking about it in public.”

“Don’t you let him take a bath either, Wade Walker, you hear me?” Dixie yelled at the top of her lungs. “We’ll never get him back out!”

“Yes ma’am,” Wade shouted back as he cleared the last step up into the loft bedroom.

“You people are no fun at all,” I said.

“Don’t pout, baby,” Wade said, carting me into the bathroom. “I’ll service you in the shower if you like.”

“Sweet! Daddy’s gonna feed me some meat.” I sighed, my eyes widening as his fingers yanked my thermal undies down, exposing my ass to the cool air in the room.

I could see him smiling though our reflection as we passed the large mirror. “I’ll stuff you good-n-full, till you can’t take anymore.”

“It’s a Christmas miracle,” I said using my best, truly horrible British accent. “God bless us one and all!”

5 Stars from Top2Bottom Reviews
“This tasty little tidbit is the perfect addition to the Sno Ho series, like unwrapping a gift you didn’t even know you wanted until you realized how much fun you could have playing with it.”
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4.5 Stars from Sensual Reads
“Ethan Day has created a cast of characters that are perfect for this Christmas and the next.”
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4.5 Stars from Reviews by Jessewave
“Ethan’s prose and dialogue here are just as good as in Sno Ho and Life in Fusion and I enjoy his characterizations—because they rock in a strange kind of way.”
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4 Stars from Literary Nymphs Reviews:
“outrageously funny as well as incredibly enjoyable”
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3 Stars from The Romance Reviews
“Mr. Day creates a warm family holiday piece where the family eccentricities add flavour to the day’s festivities.”
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