bloghomopromoThe 42 Days of Christmas Series from MLR Press continues and today I’m posting an excerpt provided by D.H. Starr! Hope you all Enjoy!

Have a happy holiday weekend. : )

DHS_SomeoneToBeThankfulForSomeone to be Thankful For

by D.H. Starr

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Sometimes is not what, but who you’re thankful for.

David is a twenty-four year old code writer for a software development company, handsome, wealthy, and living in New York City. By all appearances, his life is perfect. But outward appearances can be deceiving. Despite all his material accomplishments, the one thing he truly wants is what he doesn’t have. Keller.

Preparing for his annual trip home to San Rafael, California, David if filled with dread knowing he has to face Keller, his best friend from childhood, his first and only love, the man he let slip through his fingers. But from the first day David arrives back home, he can tell things are different.

As events unfold, the walls David has carefully constructed around his emotions are broken down until he’s left with nothing to protect him. When Keller shows up on Thanksgiving, David is forced to confront the very issue he had worked so hard to avoid.

For better or worse, this Thanksgiving will change David’s life forever.


Placing a hand on his arm, Pearl looked around the room, then leaned in close, her voice nearly a whisper, conspiratorial. “I bet you have to fight the ladies off; a handsome young man like you, wealthy. Oh, if I were thirty years younger—”

“Aunt Pearl! That’s—” Time froze, the air not even moving, as the front door opened and a tall, fair-skinned, dark-haired man with dazzling blue eyes entered David’s home. “—Keller.”

Ignoring his aunt’s confused protests, David moved closer to the kitchen, leaning on the wall for support and making sure he had a quick escape if he felt the need to throw up. As if in slow motion, Keller scanned the room, the ropes of tendon and muscle in his neck casting shadows, highlighting each crevice David wanted to taste and explore. Damn, he’s even sexier than I remember.

Wearing a black V-neck shirt and khaki pants, the simplicity of the outfit seemed to highlight each contour of Keller’s body. His chest seemed even bigger, the top portion of the crevice where large pectoral planes connected visible. Broad shoulders stretched the protesting material, the rest of his shirt tapering to match the cant of his body, drawing David’s attention to the bulge at Keller’s groin. To say the sight knocked the breath out of him would have been accurate had David been breathing.

When their eyes locked, Keller’s mouth pulled up into a wide grin, revealing sparkling white teeth and dimples accentuating each cheek. As if he’d been lassoed, David’s feet started moving toward the vision of his childhood, of his dreams, of the future he wanted. His heart swelled, filling his chest to the point of bursting, fingers of happiness flowing through his veins, tickling and exciting him.

And then, as if those fingers turned to acid-laced nails, another man appeared by Keller’s side…Jerry. David’s feet stuck like glue to the spot where he was standing, his desire to fly in the other direction as much an impossibility as taking steps forward.

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