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Here’s the first bit of Intel for all those planning to head west to Albuquerque New Mexico this October for the second annual GayRomLit Retreat!


This is the list of Authors and Publishers who’ll be participating in the daytime spotlight sessions being held over Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this October.

This includes everything except the Author-Designed Programs. I’ll be releasing more details about those over the next week or so as we’re still waiting for those event descriptions to filter in.

A full Schedule of Events won’t be available until the week before or week of the Retreat, but what’s listed below are the names you should find there once we do release that.


Author’s Q&A

Move over James Lipton because it’s Inside the Author’s Studio at GRL! What happened to Bart and Hank after they rode into the sunset together? This is your chance to ask the writers all the things you’ve been dying to know about your favorite stories and characters. These moderated Q&A’s will feature up to four writers in an informal setting where you’ll also hear about their new and upcoming efforts. And perhaps they’ll even share some of the trade secrets that make them successful.

Participating Authors for the Q & A’s at GRL!

Carol Lynne

Kate McMurray

Devon Rhodes

T.A. Chase

Geoffrey Knight

Heidi Cullinan

Trina Lane

T.C. Blue

Rick R. Reed

PD Singer

Silvia Violet

Rowan Speedwell

Z.A. Maxfield

Isabelle Rowan

Cat Grant

Karenna Colcroft

M.L. Rhodes

Tara Lain

L.C. Chase

Christopher Koehler

Damon Suede

K-lee Klein

Erica Pike

EM Lynley

Lynn Lorenz

Marguerite Labbe

M.J. O’Shea

J. P. Barnaby

Abigail Roux

Belinda McBride

Vivien Dean

Kiernan Kelly

AKM Miles

Anel Viz

Marie Sexton

Jet Mykles

*subject to change


Book Readings

One of the highlights of last year’s Retreat was the sometimes funny, sometimes profound, often risqué, and always entertaining Book Readings by our participating authors. We’ve expanded this popular event by scheduling even more readings by more authors. And to keep the atmosphere light and fun, we’ll take over the very hip Fusion 504 Bar located next to the Casino.

Participating Authors for the Book Readings at GRL!

Rick R. Reed

Ethan Day

Jade Buchanan

Kerry Freeman

Z.A. Maxfield

Ellis Carrington

Val Kovalin

Eden Winters

Jon Treadway

Jet Mykles

Charlie Richards

Kimberly Gardner

Anel Viz

AC Katt

Lori Toland

J P Bowie

Belinda McBride

D.H. Starr

Angel Martinez

Brien Michaels

Damon Suede

KC Burn

Silvia Violet

Hank Edwards

Amy Lane

Edmond Manning

VJ Summers

Louisa Bacio

Isabelle Rowan

Tara Lain

Geoffrey Knight

Stephani Hecht

Ally Blue

Cherie Noel

Kate McMurray

Christopher Koehler

*subject to change


Publisher Spotlights

Meet the publishers behind your favorite books and authors. These sessions are as varied and diverse as the books they produce. They may include question and answer sessions, interviews, advice on becoming a published author, book selling, prize giveaways, and simple meet-and-greet opportunities to get acquainted. Each publisher is responsible for the content of its session.

Participating Publisher’s for the Publisher Spotlights at GRL!

Torquere Press

Dreamspinner Press

Samhain Publishing

Loose Id


Resplendence Publishing

Silver Publishing

ManLoveRomance Press

eXtasy Books

Musa Publishing

Storm Moon Press

Amber Quill Press

Riptide Publishing


*subject to change