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Sno Ho/Life in Fusion: Summit City Book One & Two

Sno Ho – Boone Daniels seems to have trouble finishing things. Along with the half dozen or so novels he’s started, only to abandon mid-way through, his love life could be best described as a series of drive-bys. Boone has spent the past week staying at a ski lodge in the tiny mountain town of Summit City. He’s been using his time alone to write while waiting for his boyfriend to join him for their anniversary. What happens to Boone when he winds up dumped on the eve of his one-year anniversary and ends up at a bar having one too many cocktails? Wade Walker.

Life In Fusion – Aspiring author, Boone Daniels, always figured love would be as easy as he was. Fresh off a whirlwind winter-vacation romance with ski-god and would-be boyfriend, Wade Walker – Boone was certain that saying goodbye would be the hardest part. He’d survived the unconventional way in which they came together, proven himself somewhat worthy to Wade’s hometown of Summit City, and felt certain the self-imposed, six month boy-buffer would prove one thing – their fate was to be forever entwined. Once real life settles in, Boone suffers the realization that no one ever actually said love was easy and that even after you fall, you can still break. As their two worlds collide, he begins to understand that if he can navigate the landscape of life in fusion, he just might get that happily-ever-after…after all.


Release date:  3 October 2015
ISBN: 978-0996821223
Category: Gay Romance
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Romantic
Number of words:  124,239 words
Formats available: print only
Heat level: 4 Flames out of 5

I liked these two books, they are fun and fluffy, lots of quirky characters, quick dialogue and snark from Boone.

Reviews by Amos Lassen

Reviews by Amos Lassen

I shut the drawer once I’d emptied the contents of my duffel bag into it. I’d been stunned that Wade had already made room for me by emptying out half his dresser. He’d done it in the bathroom too, clearing out two drawers along with half the shelves in the linen closet. The walk-in closet was next on his list, he’d told me. I shouldn’t be surprised as I was fairly certain it was all part of some evil plan to circumvent my decision for us to hold off before diving into a relationship that had me uprooting my life and moving to the arctic seventh circle of hell.

As if on cue, a shiver passed over my body. It seemed like this huge thing, as I imagined what his closet would look like, just sitting there, half empty. It was a lot of pressure. I felt perspiration beginning to collect under my arms. That’s all I needed—the added strain from his half-empty closet, taunting me as it sat there waiting for me to fill it up. Stupid closets— enemy of gay men the world over!

I could hear Wade rummaging around in the kitchen downstairs, and I turned, glancing out the huge picture window, which looked over the mountains and the valley below where Summit City sat, nestled into the snow. I wondered briefly, exactly how much of the year this town spent covered in frozen water. I snarled up my lip, quickly deciding that might be one of those questions I’d be better off not knowing the answer to.

I walked over and took in the scenery. The lights created a soft glow as they radiated off the white powder, making the entire scene below seem cloaked in a golden hue. That managed to settle my nerves, strangely enough.

I breathed in that scent of timber from the wood beams combined with the crackling fire Wade had going in the living room. It was strangely familiar being back in Wade’s house. Of course it had only been a few weeks since I’d driven away in the back of the shuttle, leaving an irritated and disturbingly hot mountain of a man sulking in the very living room that sat at the bottom of the stairs I was now walking toward.

As I meandered down the creaking wooden steps, I was struck by the fact Wade hadn’t come upstairs to molest me. It was obvious he had an evening planned, considering the lit candles burning throughout the living room and kitchen. But still, normally we’d have already had each other naked and in the midst of another sexathon. As I cleared the last few steps, I smiled at my commentary of what was supposedly normal behavior for a three and a half week old relationship.

“’Cause we’ve been together so long we’ve already settled into a routine?”

He had the TV cabinet open, his huge-ass LCD exposed as if we were going to be watching something. The lights were dimmed, and Wade had music going in the background, a female singer was belting away, and while she sounded familiar to me, I couldn’t quite place her. A small stack of DVDs and one giant remote control were sitting out on the coffee table. The logs popped and crackled in the open fireplace and the soft hum of the fan blowing the heat out into the room, created a constant stream of white noise in the background.

“Who’s the chick singing?” I asked, smiling as he glanced up at me. Wade somehow managed to be adorably sexy. You just wanted to pinch his cheeks when he grinned—both sets of them.

“Rosemary Clooney,” Wade said, tapping his fingers on the countertop, keeping beat with the music. “She was my mom’s favorite.”

I nodded, thinking I should hug him or something despite feeling awkward about doing so.

“All settled in?” Wade asked as he crossed the kitchen and went into the pantry.

“Yes, sir, I am indeed.” I strode around the island and waited until he came back out, carrying a box of microwave popcorn. “I guess, though I’m a little surprised you didn’t come upstairs and settle yourself inside me.”

Wade grinned, obviously enjoying the imagery. “Since I was wrongfully accused of flying all the way to Albuquerque for a booty call last week…” Wade fired a he-done-me-wrong look my way. “I figured tonight we could try going without it and have a movie night.”

“No sex?”

“Nada,” Wade said, freeing the bag of popcorn from its plastic wrapper before tossing it in the microwave.

“Not even after the movie?”

Wade shrugged as if he hadn’t thought that far in advance.

“It’s happened already.” I walked in a circle and tossed my arms up into the air.

“What’s happened?”

I sighed, leaning against the counter as if it were the only thing holding me up. “Our heat has evaporated—the desire is already gone. You can’t even pretend to want me.”

The corner of Wade’s mouth began to curl up. “You’re the one who insisted on a six-month trial period to see if there was anything of substance under the sex.”

The corn began popping as the microwave hummed.

I scowled at him, but decided not to give him the satisfaction of addressing the issue he was now attempting to wield like a weapon from his smart-ass arsenal.

I reached back with both hands, turning as I groped my own ass. “My butt has lost its youthful bounce—the once perky mounds, now so sad.” I squeezed as Wade watched, eyes plastered to my ass. “I’ve caught a case of the saggy butt.”

“Your ass looks fine,” Wade said as the microwave dinged.

I took a few steps, stumbling as if I might faint. “Just fine!”

“Wow, you are so needy with the compliments.” Wade shook his head as he pulled out the bag of popcorn. “It’s a smokin’ hot, damn near irresistible ass that I wanna sink my cock into every time I lay eyes on it. Happy now?”

I grinned, faux preening as I said in my girlie voice, “Oh Wade, I do declare—what a silvery sweet tongue you have.”

“Wouldn’t mind sinking that into your ass either,” Wade added, tossing in a second bag of popcorn and punching in the time after closing the door.

“Now I feel loved.” I sighed, laughing as he reached over, poking me in the side.

Wade snatched the already popped bag off the counter and opened it, dumping the contents into a large bowl.

“What’s with the teeny, tiny bags of corn, dude?” I asked.

Wade glanced at the empty bag and shrugged before wadding it up into a ball. “So much for size not mattering.”

“Said the abominable snowman,” I added.

Wade pulled up his shirt, looking down at his mouthwatering six-pack. “That some sort of crack about my abs?”

“Seriously, dude.” I reached over, patting his tummy. “You’re huge, like a hairless Yeti.”

“Why are cursing at me in Yiddish?” Wade opened the microwave, removing the second bag, which he dropped onto the counter after burning his fingers.

“Your hand is bigger than that bag.”

“It’s the snack size.”

“For who— the lollipop guild?”

“I’m usually just popping for one.”

“And now there are two to pop for.” I stared off into space, looking all dreamy-eyed. “I’m your bigger-bag-boy?”

“A very tiresome bigger bag boy.” Wade dumped the second bag into the bowl and frowned.

“I hope I’m not just an excuse… you… you’re not using me merely to justify the bigger bag, right?” I gasped, placing my hand over my heart. “Oh my god, I’m your bag-hag, aren’t I?”

Wade smiled at me. “Is that enough, or should I pop another one?”

“I couldn’t possibly eat. I’m still reeling from the shock.”

He picked up the box of popcorn and smacked me in the shoulder with it. He then nodded, pointing to the box. “See how much trouble you are? It clearly states the individual-size bag pops in half the time of the three and half ounce bag.”

“Well duh—it’s a smaller bag.” I snatched the box out of his hand. “They actually listed that as a selling feature?”

“You’ve cost me an extra ninety seconds.”

“Not even hitched yet and already sucking the life out of you.” I shook my head as I read the box. “There’s actually a marketing department out there who thought it necessary to point out a smaller bag will pop in less time?”

“Looks that way.” Wade snatched the box back. “I should pop one more, right?”

“That is so sad,” I said, completely ignoring him. “And who are these lazy people whose lives are so inconvenienced that they can’t waste an extra minute waiting for a bag of popcorn?”

Wade removed another pouch from its clear plastic film and tossed it into the microwave. “What must I have done in a past life to deserve you?”

I marveled at the way he could artfully word things so they could go either way, being compliment or insult. I opened my mouth to speak, and Wade shoved several pieces of buttery goodness into my mouth in an obvious hope it would silence me as I continued to rant.

I snatched the box away from him, holding it up as if I was Susie Homemaker, giving my testimonial. “Now I can solve world peace thanks to all the time I’ll save no longer waiting for my popcorn.”

“You’re deranged, you know that?”

“Well yeah… but in that hot and sexy Mickey Rourke before-the-drugs-and-alcohol kinda way, right?”

“Will you go wait on the couch please?” Wade asked, leaning over and giving me a peck on the cheek.

I pooched out my lip, trying to look wounded as I said in my best backwoods Southern accent. “But it… it’s Shake-n-Bake, and I helped.”

“Go.” Wade pointed toward the sofa.

“You’re mean.” I headed into the living room.

“Grab us a couple of beers on your way in there,” Wade said as the bell sounded that the last bag had finished popping.

“Don’t think you can get me drunk and take advantage of me.” I smiled, hoping that was his plan, not that he needed the alcohol to do it. I sauntered over to the fridge to do his bidding.

“Like I need liquor to do that.” Wade snickered under his breath.

I shook my head as I passed him on my way to the sofa. “You wound my puritanical pride.”

“I’ve screwed you how many times now?” Wade glanced up at the ceiling, concentrating as if the number was so great it was near impossible to count that high. “I can honestly say there is nothing puritanical about you, babe.”

“I’m ruined.” I set his bottle on the coffee table and twisted the cap off mine. “I’ll never be accepted into polite society again.”

Wade strolled into the living room with the bowl and sat down next to me. “You imply polite society once did?”

“You plied me with cheap hooch, tempting me into a life of butt sex and sin.”

“Works every time,” Wade said, reaching for the remote.

“So you have talked to my exes.” I smiled evilly as an obvious irritation swept over him. I took a sip, trying my best not to laugh.

“Just for that, I’m making you watch old videos from my competition days.”

I sat up straight. “I actually saw some!”

Wade sat back into the sofa, seeming slightly amused.

“I searched for you on YouTube and some crazed stalker fan had loaded some videos of your Olympic events.” I straddled him, sitting on his lap facing him. “Of course it could have been anyone for all I could tell. You wear way too many clothes in that event.”

Wade laughed. “We do at that, something about the cold temperatures, flying down the side of a mountain that’s covered in that white, powdery frozen water. They don’t want any of our bits to freeze off.”

“Mmm,” I nodded, gently grinding my ass into his lap. “That would be bad.”

Wade slowly ran a hand up my stomach and over the center of my chest. I did my best at looking innocent, but who was I kidding? Wade seemed to agree as he lightly smacked me upside the head.

“Stop trying to seduce me, you little shit,” Wade grinned. “We’re doing that whole substance thing tonight, remember?”

I lifted myself off his lap and flopped back into the sofa, defeated. “Dude, you suck.”

“Not tonight, I don’t.” Wade shoved some popcorn into his mouth, crunching away smugly.

“But, sweetie, nothing says I love you like an erection.”

Wade choked on the popcorn, coughing as he leaned forward to grab his beer off the coffee table. I patted his back as he twisted off the cap and sucked it down in an attempt to clear his throat.

“You really are a severely twisted man.”

I smiled, continuing to rub his back as he coughed a few more times. “Sure you don’t need mouth to mouth?”

“Like a dog with a boner.” Wade shook his head.

“I do enjoy doggie style,” I added, winking at him as I sunk back into the sofa.

Wade wiped his eyes, which were watering from nearly choking to death. “You’re a mess, Boone.” He shook his head, staring into my eyes.

I smiled at him and my chest felt like it might explode as fireworks sparked and sizzled between the two of us. Whatever it was Wade had, I most definitely wanted it. And I somehow knew that once I finally had it, I’d never want to let him go. That still scared the shit out of me, but as he leaned over, moving in for a kiss, I realized my own fears were no match for Wade’s will.

I opened my mouth for his. My eyes clamped shut, loving the taste of him, mixed with beer and popcorn. His kiss was soft and slow but filled with the potency of Wade’s intent to love me, along with his warning that there was no getting off this train now that it had left the station.

In Wade’s mind, I was already his and he belonged to me. Don’t ask me how I was able to get all that from a kiss as I’m not sure how to answer that question myself. But when he pulled away from me, his gaze never faltered as he stared into my eyes. I could feel the heat from his breath brushing across my cheek as he held me there, trapped under his intensity.

“How ‘bout that movie?” I asked, my voice cracking and making me wonder if I was experiencing a second puberty.

I watched as he grinned and knew I’d failed miserably at hiding the fact he’d had such an effect on me.

“What would you like to watch?” he asked, still hovering over me.

You, taking your clothes off. “Whatever.” Christ, does the man never blink? “I’m easy, remember?”

“I do indeed.” Wade finally pulled away, sitting back up. “God, I love you for that.”

I knew he’d just managed to emotionally molest me without saying a single word and it threw me way off kilter. Worst of all was the realization that I wasn’t even pissed, because I’d enjoyed every second of it. As uncomfortable as actual feelings usually made me, and this experience was certainly no exception, I found myself already wondering if it would happen again. And if so, looking forward to when.


We wound up watching a couple of the Donald Strachey films since I’d never seen them, and Wade had a pizza delivered from the lodge. One of those thin, all-wheat crust jobs covered in veggies and chicken. I started to balk, thinking it was a good thing we were already NOT having sex that night, considering I no longer wanted his health-food nutty ass.

As if he could read my mind, he pointed out it had extra cheese and that the white sauce, while not exactly unhealthy—did have a considerable enough fat content to be worthy of my delicate junk food palette. I did actually enjoy it, plus I made sure I picked off just enough vegetables to maintain my independence, making sure he understood I wasn’t going to be one of the converts to his demented granola-boy lifestyle. He could posture all he wanted, but no amount of food-Nazi rhetoric would break me down. He’d never take me alive!

Snuggling up together on the couch was by far the highlight of evening, though I quickly realized we were gonna need a bigger couch. Being the massively muscled hunk of beef that he was, didn’t leave a whole lot of extra room for me. He held me tightly against him, which was a good thing, considering I’d have been dangerously close to falling off the sofa otherwise. It gave me a whole new perspective to living life on the edge.

I tried my best not to laugh when I realized Wade would squeeze me tighter each time Strachey and his on-screen boyfriend would show up in a scene together and get all lovey-dovey. The giddiness quickly subsided as I wondered if he was merely one of those guys who was ready to be a couple and I’d just been in the right place at the time. Could my very hot and supple bubble butt have been more interchangeable with the next guy’s than I’d previously allowed myself to think?

Just as my inner ravings threatened to boil over into a fevered rant on why the fuck he wanted me so badly, Wade began to softly snore. I immediately began to theoretically kick each and every fear I had in the ass. I attempted to push myself back against his body, getting closer still and he reacted by squeezing me tighter—as if it was something we’d been doing for so many years it was now instinctual. I was ingrained into his muscle memory, a force so strong I’d become a habit. And I wanted to be Wade’s habit.

I loved that his tired, get-out-of-bed-way-too-early ass had done his best to stay awake for me. I lay there wondering if I’d be able or willing to change anything about myself in order to make him happier. How far would I need to bend to become the guy he deserved? Or was I already enough for him—fresh out of the box and completely compatible with his hard drive, so to speak?

I could hear Gabe lecturing at me in the back of my mind that I’d best be hoping for the latter since anything beyond plug and play would be out of my skill set. I pictured myself poking Gabe in the eyes and knocking him over a sofa á la The Three Stooges, since I didn’t like what his imaginary discombobulated voice in my head had to say.

Eventually I allowed my own eyes to close. The heat from Wade’s body had me slow baking from behind and the fire, which was still going, was warming me from the front. Like someone switching off the lights, one by one, every last thought zipping through my overactive brain was shut down. A final yawn was the last thing I remembered before slipping into my very own sleep haze.

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